Sandies Golf Co. is a group of like minded golfers out of the beautiful state of Ohio. This team saw a lack of quality stylish hats in the market and agreed to jump right in and add a new flare to the course. A quick glimpse at our members and you will see driven and successful individuals who look forward to providing top of the line quality with unparalleled customer service. Our backgrounds in finance, sales, executive level management, and service put Sandies in a great position to serve the market and deliver quality on time. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions on current products and our ability to make custom products for your needs.

Cheers, Sandies Golf Co.



Nick Jones

My passion for golf didn’t start until after my undergrad days (@ BGSU - GO FALCONS!). First gig out of college decided to join their Thursday night league. Hit a few range sessions and joined right in with my graphite shafted Wilson Staff pre bundled set. Quickly found out how humbling of a sport golf can be...smooth league average of 62 (yep, nine holes folks). Things have gotten slightly better since those days. Either way, I try not to take the game too seriously or it will ruin it for me. I love to take in the surroundings and enjoy the beauty the courses have to offer....oh yea...and go low! And whatever you do, play fast!

Jarret Davis

Currently living in Columbus Ohio and as you can see I stand on the right side of the ball hitting high bomb draws all day long. Originally from Stow Ohio but spent my years after highschool in Birmingham AL earning my bachelors and MBA from Samford University. I am addicted to anything and everything around the golf industry and love the architecture, equipment, and labor of love that goes into this sport. Currently spending my days at Wedgewood GCC in Powell just around the corner from the house and make the hike to Firestone CC to play with my dad and brother at any chance I can.

Alex Lapadot

Alex is currently a brand manager in the automotive aftermarket industry living in the great state of Ohio. Anytime the weather is decent, you can find him out on the golf course. He loves bombing fairways and greens (some of the time) and progressing his game each year. Currently he is beyond thrilled to get into the 80s. 70s next year?

Louis Williams

Some say Lou is quiet, and he has nothing to say about that. He still plays a Taylormade R1 Driver, but outdrives everyone else on this page (from two tees up). He is the guy who makes the pretty pictures and some semi-cool looking ball markers, andddd that's about it. As a native Hoosier who grew up in Oregon and lives in Ohio, Lou has played his fair share of courses across the country. Chances are if you see him he will have a pipe or a cigar in hand. Life doesn't get better than that. Except when you add in golf.

Matthew Jeffries

It will be extremely easy to spot Matthew on the course, just look for the most non color coordinated loud outfit and you've got your guy. A southpaw lefty with a pure addiction to golf and the fashion around it created a spark to start Sandies. Although there are days a pencil and scorecard are irrelevant Matthew really enjoys the competitive atmosphere and tons of betting on the course. If you are ever in the Akron OH area you can find Matthew on one of Firestone CC's beautiful courses working on his game and enjoying the game we hate to love.

Louis Gattozzi

Louis is a lifelong hockey player who has become a degenerate golfer as a result of his failed hockey career. He now finds himself as one of the worst 2 indexes in the USGA’s GHIN System. His game is continually plagued by the two way miss off the tee and horrendous lag putting. The next shot he hits that he likes will be the first. He would also like it known he hit the shot in his picture to three feet....the putt never threatened the hole.